90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is found mainly in Europe with the UK being the one place where it can be found, and whilst the number of winning patterns is very limited it is a great game to play, so if you have never played it before then keep on reading.

As you will know sister games such as 75 Ball Bingo allow you to play thousands of different playing patterns but on 90 Ball Bingo there are just three of therm you will be playing for, however this means you can win three times on each game.

Before we enlighten you to these playing patterns we should explain that each 90 Ball Bingo card has 15 numbers printed up on it, these are presented in three rows on each ticket and each row will always consist of five numbers, never more never less.

Due to this Bingo ticket/card layout the number of permutations is truly massive, so it is almost unheard of for more than two players in the same game having the exact same numbers printed on each ticket, which means sharing of prizes, whilst common is fairly rare.

The first phase of a 90 Ball Bingo game is when you are playing for any line, all you need to do to win this part of the game is get one of your rows of five numbers called out and crossed off, if you are the first to do this then you are a winner.

The prize for a one line 90 Ball Bingo game is usually the smallest of the three that are offered in each game, and should more than one player call house then this prize money will be divided between each one equally.

Once the one line prize has been allocated then you will move onto the next phase of the 90 Ball Bingo game, this is where you are now playing for any two lines, these two lines however must be on one individual ticket and now more than one.

The first person or persons to get two lines on any one of their Bingo tickets is deemed to be the winner of this phase of the game, the prize is the second largest of the 3 parts of the game and if more than one person wins, then the prize is once again shared equally.

The final part of the 90 Ball Bingo game is known as the full house, here you have to cross off all the numbers on any one of your ticket, this is the top paying part of the game and once again if more than one person manages to cross them all of then this prize money will be shared equally.

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